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After the wild success of Manhattan's High Line park, more ideas of how to use New York City's noble, unused or decrepit spaces have popped up. This is one of our favorites: beneath the Lower East Side lies an unused trolley station, which Dan Barasch and James Ramsey propose could be the site of a completely crazy futuristic underground park.


Kung Fu Gecko


Indonesian photographer Shikhei Goh made an entire series about geckos (his own pets--these are not professionals, people) in badass poses. 

印尼摄像师高(Shikhei Goh)拍摄了壁虎各种帅气姿势(那只壁虎只是他的宠物,可不是专门从事表演的哦,亲)

Asteroid or Planet?


NASA's Dawn spacecraft captured this shot of the interior of the asteroid Vesta. It's interesting to us because its composition is more like a planet than any asteroid we've ever seen. The coloration is, of course, artificial, showing the different layers of rock.


Drone Construction Workers


Why not build buildings with drones? These little guys were programmed to build a tower out of styrofoam blocks. If the idea can scale up, it could completely change architecture and construction. 


All the Crashes


This map shows the frequency of auto crashes throughout the UK, from 1999 to 2010--more than two million crashes


Wildest Bridge


This bridge concept is intended to connect two parts of Wuxi Xidong Park in Jiangsu province, China. Underneath, it'd create a sort of artificial island, from which visitors would be able to get views of the entire area.


Grand Central Apple


On the morning of December 9th, a very ordinary thing happened: A new store in an international consumer electronics retail chain opened. There were no newly announced products to sell, no special deals, no giveaways. And yet, when that store is the new Apple store in New York's Grand Central Station, people go freaking nuts. Look at the hundreds of red-shirted Apple employees up on the mezzanine! Imagine how much you would hate your life if you were just trying to commute into Manhattan this morning! Good lord, people.


Long Jump


Here's a terrifying thought for New Yorkers or other residents of roach-infested areas. Saltoblattella montistabularis, a South African variety of cockroach, also goes by another name: the leaproach. That's because it can jump about 48 times its own body length. (Pause for shudder.) 

纽约人或其他有蟑螂出没地区的居民注意了,非洲南部发现一种蟑螂——Saltoblattella montistabularis,它除了这个拗口的名字外还有个别名——跳跃小强(leaproach)。因为它跳跃的高度是自身长度的48倍。

Stolen Beast


This might not seem like such an amazing image. It's the US's RQ-170 drone, sure. A very impressive stealth drone, nicknamed "The Beast of Kandahar." But we've seen better pictures. Only, whoops: this one's in Iran. Because the Iranians somehow hacked the thing out of the air, and then bragged about it at a press conference. 


Earth 2.0?


Earlier this week, the Kepler team confirmed the finding of a whopping 1,094 new worlds, including the first Earth-like planet in a habitable zone, named Kepler-22b. We've only got a vague idea of what it might look like--it's about 600 light-years away--but science artist Ron Miller did up some concepts showing what it might look like. 




A traditional portrait tries to capture more than the single frame of its subject at that time and place, but that's a pretty daunting task. Sergio Albiac, a Spanish artist, came up with a way to "paint" by using videos of his life--painting with his memories. The end product is actually a video, which you should watch; it's oddly mesmerizing.