20世纪90年代的英文:九年级英语新目标 Unit 10 词汇语法练习试题

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Unit 10 By the time I got outside, the bus had already left.用所给动词的适当形式填空:1. He said that he____never _____(see) such a beautiful picture before.2. When I____(get) to the station, the train _____ already _____(leave).3. His mother_____(join) this culb last year and she_______(be) a member of the club for a year.4. She said she_____(hear) somebody _____(sing) this song before.5. We ____(be) late for the party last Sunday. When we ____(get) there, all the guests____(leave).7.He said that he______(enter) the school, she_____(study)English for three years.6.By the time he____(visit)that factory the next day.8. By eleven o'clock yesterday I____(finish)my work.9.How many English words____you____(1earn)by the end of last term?10. Where _____ he _____ (be) before he _____(have) a meeting?11. By the time we____(get)to the station,he____ (be)away for 2 hours.12. She____(work)in the supermarket for five years before she____(become)a movie star.13. You'd better______(have) a rest, for you ______(read) the book for such a long time.14. He_____(not ask) me to speak at the meeting, because I _____(refuse)todo it.15. He____(finish)reading the story before he_______(go)to bed.16. No one_____(be) late for school by the end of last month.18. His father____(go) to shanghai. He said he ____(be) back in a week.19. Tom asked me if I_____(finish) my homework by the time my mother came back.17. It seemed that he_____(lose)something expensive.20. They_____(see) five films by the end of last year.21. We_____(write) letters to each other before we met.22. Miss Li with her parents_____(be) in China since three years ago.23. The film_____(be) on for ten minutes when he ______(get) to the cinema.24. She said she_____(make)good progress since she____(join) the League.25. By the time I _____(get)home, my sister_____(fall) asleep.26. Mary_____(meet) her friend yesterday. They ______(not see) each other since they _______(graduate).27. By last year these books_______(keep)in the larbuary for a hundred years.28. After they_____(finish) the work, they______(stop) to have a rest.29. I _____(have)that piano for six years by the end of last year.30. Where______you_____(be) by the time I arrived? I ____(be) to school.根据句意用本单元中的单词的适当形式填空1.When he woke up,he found he o_____.It was 8:30.2.By the time he r______out,the school bus had already left.3.The car b_____down or his way to work,so he was late.4.On National Day.I saw many people in c_____dancing in the park.5.I Was really e______after the long walk.6. She felt e_____ as she wore her sweater inside out.7. When he got to school, he found the classroom was e____. He realized it was Sunday.8. Five years later, she m_____a man with good manners.9. Nobody saw him at the meeting. Maybe he didn't s___up.10. My alarm clock didn't go o____, so I got up late.单项选择(  )1.By the time he______, the bell_________.  A. arrived, had rung                B. get; has rang  C. reached, had rang                D. comes, has rung(  )2.By the time 1 woke up,my father had already____int he bathroom for 3 minutes.A.gone    B.been        C.come D.entered(  )3.He said something bad___ him on April Fool's Day.A.has happened on          B.had been happened toC.had happened to          D.has been happening on(  )4. How many English parties______ by the end oflast term?A.had you had                 B.had you haveC.have you had                     D.did you have  (  )5.Tom couldn't pay for what he had bought yesterday and he seemed___.A.embarrassed                     B.exhaustingC.thrilled               D.embarrassing(  )6.It's difficult for him to succeed,but I hope he can______.A.do    B.get       C.finish D.make(  )7.Lesson Ten isn't as_____ as Lesson Nine.It's hard to read.A.easy    B.difficult   C.new  D.easier(  )8.I found I ___ my bag at home when I got to school.A.hadlose  B.had forgotten    C.had left   D.forgot(  )9.Mary was very_____because she stayed up all night studying for the test.A.thrilled    B.sleepless    C.exhausted    D.energetic(  )10.Mr.Li left our school yesterday.He____in our school since he____to Beijing.A.has been,came                           B.hadbeen,cameC.was,had come                           D.is.has come(  )11.These shoes are_____small_____I can't wear them.A.very,that   B.too.to    C.so,to  D.so,that(  )12.We are waiting for_________.A.she comes     B.her to come  C.her come D.she coming(  )13.He_____in this school for 10 years since he_____to work.A.had taught;begins               B.has taught,begins  C.had taught;began               D.has taught;began  (  )14.Tom didn't _____until the bell_____.A.show around;tings           B.show up;rang  C.showed off;rung              D.shown off;ring(  )15.The radio program described________.A.where has aliens landed     B.when aliens had landed at  C.where aliens had landed      D.when did aliens landed(  )16.By the end of last year we had planted about five___trees.A.hundred    B.hundreds    C.hundred of D.hundreds of(  )17.The place is not interesting at all____ of us wants to go there.A.Both    B.Neither   C.All    D.Each(  )18.My dictionary____. I have looked for it everywhere.but still__it.A.is lost,don't find         B.is missing.Don't findC.has lost,haven't found      D.is missing,haven't found(  )19._____. all the students in his class,Tom writes____.A.Of;most carefully       B.In,the most carefullyC.Of,very carefully   D.In,more careful(  ) 20.Miss Li with her parents_____China since_____.A.have been in,two years ago           B.has gone to,three years  C.have been to,two years          D.hasbeenin,threeyears ago完成句子:l.他从来没有迟到过,但是昨天闹钟没有闹响,他睡过头了,所以他没能按时到校。He_____never_____ _____ _____school.However,yesterday the alarm clock didn't_____ _____and he_____,so he didn't get to school _____ _____.2.到我醒来的时候,我妹妹已经去上学了,但是我发现她把书落在家里了。_____ _____ _____I_____ _____,my sister_____already_____to school.But I found that she_____ _____her book_____ _____.3.当我跑到车站的时候,公共汽车已经离开了5分钟了。幸运的是,汤姆坐他的车路过,他让我搭了车。When I_____to the station,the bus_____ _____ _____for 5 minutes_____,Tom_____ _____ _____his car and he_____me a _____.4.当人们意识到这只是愚人节那天的恶作剧而已,所有意大利面都已被购买了。When people_____ that this was just a _____ on _____ _____Day, all of the spaghetti _____ _____ _____.5.他说的话如此令人信服以至于数千人都相信了这个故事,  接着惊恐就笼罩了全国。_____he said was_____ _____ _____thousands of people _____this story, and _____ _____ _____across the country.6. --你昨天看起来很疲惫,发生了什么事情?一我以为昨天有考试就整晚熬夜学习,  后来发觉我被朋友愚弄了,我们根本没有考试。--You looked_____yesterday.What_____ _____you?--I though we had wxams and _____ _____ all night studying, and then I found I _____ _____ _____ by friends and we _____ have a test _____ _____.完形填空:John works in a factory.His__1__is about three kilometers away from there.He likes to go to work by bike.So he need not hurry to__2__the buses.The youngman likes watching football matches.When a big match is __3__,he always makesa few excuses to ask for leave.One day he was watching a football match on TVwhile he was having__4__.And when it was over,he had a look at his__5__and found it was ten to two.He__6__and rode fast.He was afraid tobe late and didn't stop at a crossing though the__7__were red.The policeman toldhim to get off but he didn't fisten to him and rode__8__.He caught up with himand he was fined(罚款)twenty dollars for it.Of course he couldn't__9__ theworkplace on time and the head criticized(批评)him.The__10__day the match was even nicer.He paid all his attention to watchingTV and__11__his lunch.There was five__12__left when he started with somebread.He rode so fast that he knocked a walker down by the side of the street.He had to take the man to the__13__.At the crossing the policeman__14__himagain and said angrily, " You were fined yesterday but you're carrying a man onyour__15__today!""I have to,sir,"said the young man. "I knocked him down just now."(    )1.A.office    B.house    C.school     D.1ibrary(    )2.A.miss    B.see    C.find      D.catch(    )3.A.on    B.over    C.closed     D.open(    )4.A.supper    B.breakfast    C.1unch      D.class(    )5.A.book    B.newspaper  C.table D.watch(    )6.A.hurried off  B.got up    C.stood up  D.sat down(    )7.A.roads     B.trees      C.1ights      D.cars(    )8.A.fast    B.faster    C.slowly       D.more slowly(    )9.A.get    B.come    C.reach        D.1eave(    )10.A.first    B.1ast    C.second      D.next(    )1i.A.forgot    B.remembered  C.ate     D.cooked(    )12.A.days    B.minutes    C.weeks      D.months(    )13.A.cinema    B.hospital    C.museum     D.farm(    )14.A.stopped    B.fined    C.hit      D.beat(    )15.A.back    B.motorbike    C.bike      D.car阅读理解ABefore windows were used,old houses in Northern Europe and Britain werevery dark.Their great rooms were high with only one hole in the roof to let thesmoke out from cooking fire.As time went on,people began to make the holesbigger to have more light and air in their homes.The first English window was just a small opening in the wall.It was cut long,to let in as much light as possible,and narrow,to keep out the bad weather.However,with the window cut long,more wind than light would come in.Thisis why it was called "the wind's eyes".And the word. "Window"comes fromtwo ancient words for "wind"and "eye".( )1. A long time ago,old houses in Northern Europe had_____.A.only one door             B.no roomC.no windows           D.one windows  ( )2. The hole in the roof was used to______.A.have light only           B.1et the smoke out  C.help people look up              D.let wind in  ( )3. The first English window was______.A.a bigger hole in the roof    B.1ong and wide    C.an opening with glass    D.1ong and narrow( )4.With the window cut long,people got more light in their houses and at the same time______ came in.A.more wind             B.more smoke  C.1ess air                         D.cooking fire( )5.Now windows are used to_______.A.make houses look highB.let in more light and smokeC.keep us quietD.let in light and keep out the windBI  was in a strange city and I didn't know the city at all.And what's more,I couldn't speak a word of the language.After having spent my first day in thetown center,I decided to lose my way on my second day,since 1 was sure that this was the better way of getting to know the strange city.I got on the first bus in the morning,rode on it for several stops,then got off in and walked on.The first two hours passed happily enough.Then I decided to turn back to my hotel for lunch.After walking about for some time,I decided I had better ask the way. The trouble was that the only word I knew of the language was the name of the street in which I lived and even that pronounced badly.I stopped to ask a friendly-looking newspaper seller.He smiled and handed me a paper. I shook my head and repeated the name of the street and he put the paper into my hands.I had to give him some money and went on my way.ThenI met a policeman.I asked him at once.The policeman listened to me careful.smiled and took me by the arm.There was a strange look in his eyes as he pointed left and right and left again.I thanked  him politely and began walking on. About an hour passed and I found that the houses were getting fewer and fewer and green fields could be seen on either side of me.I had come all the way into the country.The thing left for me to do was to find the nearest bus station.(  ) 6.The writer though that if you wanted to get to know a strange city_______.A.you should go everywhere on foot  B.you should have a map  C.you should ask people the wayD.you should get lost(  ) 7.The newspaper seller______.A. didn't know the wayB.thought the writer wanted a paper  C.helped him find the hotelD.didn't want to take the money(  ) 8.The writer's real trouble was that______.A. he didn't know the languageB.he was tired and hungryC.he took the wrong bus and found himself in a strange placeD.he forgot the name of the street(  ) 9. The policeman__________.A. wouldn't like to tell him the wayB.told him to take a busC.and the writer couldn't understand each other   D.told him to walk on(  ) 10. The writer_________.A. had to walk back on footB.was ready to go back by busC.followed the policeman and returned to the town center  D.had to stay in the country for the night参考答案:用所给动词的适当形式填空:1.had,seen  2.got,had,left    3.joined,has been 4.had heard,sing5.were,got,had left    6.would visit7.entered,had been studying/had studied 8.had finished9.had,learned    10.had,been,had    11.got,had been12.had worked,became        13.have,have read14.Didn't ask,had refused    15.had finished,went16.had been        17.Hadlost        18.has gone,would be19.had finished    20.had seen     21.had written22.has been    23.had been,got     24.had made,joined25.got,hadfallen          26.met,hadn't seen,graduated27.had been kept          28.(had)finished,stopped29.had had                    30.had.been。had been根据句意用本单元中的单词的适当形式填空1. overslept   2. rushed   3. broke   4. costumes   5. exhausted6. embarrassed   7. empty   8. married   9. show   10. off单项选择:1-5 ABCAA   6-10 DACCB   11-15 DBDBC   16- 20 ABDAD完成句子:1. had,been later for, go off, overslept, on time2. By the time, woke up, had, gone, had left, at home3. ran, had been away, Luckily, came by in, gave, ride4. realized, hoax, April Fool's, had been bought5. What, so convincing that, believed, panic, set off6. exhausted, happened to, stayed up, had been fooled, didn't, at all完形填空:1-5 BDACD   6-10 ACBCD   11-15 ABBAC阅读理解:1-5 CBDAD   6-10 DBACB